Thursday, December 13, 2018

Five Dishes You Need to Try at Top of Cebu

Ask me where to go on a romantic date and i'll take you to a place  where you can enjoy mouth-watering food and experience the breathtaking view of the city - to Top of Cebu!

Top of Cebu is a mountain-top restaurant that opened in August 2017 and is located just along the road to the famous Tops Lookout at Barangay Busay. It's a spacious restaurant that can sit more than a hundred customers. The relaxing vibe of Top of Cebu makes it perfect for couples and families that want some quiet time together while enjoying some good food any time of the day. 

We're lucky to try out some of Top of Cebu's best dishes, and we personally love their versions of our traditional Filipino dishes. So, we're ranking our favorites from one to five. Five is our best pick. :D

1. Grilled Shrimp Salad - This salad is a mix of grilled shrimps, oranges, lettuce, and onions drizzled with honey-lemon dressing. The honey-lemon dressing is not overpowering and gives just the right flavors to the salad, so you get to enjoy the freshness of the ingredients. I'm a little bias because I love shrimp and I love salad so this is just everything I love in one. 

2. Sizzling Bangus - I think our traditional way of serving Bangus is good but this is definitely something everyone should try. Who would think that Bangus would taste great with a creamy sauce? I highly recommend this dish as this is something new to my taste buds.

3. Pancit de Cebu - This dish is tricky. I mean this in a good way. At the top, you get crunchy noodles that are fun to nibble and then when you dig in, you get the soft and flavorful noodles. This together with the Sizzling Bangus should be on your order if you're visiting Top of Cebu for the first time. 

4. Salted Egg Calamares - I love Salted egg but I haven't tried Salted Egg Calamares before, so it's quite a shock how they thought about this one. I can't really tell that it's salted egg but I enjoyed it. I like that you have two different dips to choose from depending on what you feel like pairing it with- mango salsa and the aioli dip.

5. USDA Beef Short Plate -  You can order this per gram and you could also request how to cook it. This is my favorite of the different dishes we've tried. The meat just melts in your mouth and even without the sauce, you can really tell that it's high grade. This is a new offer and definitely a must-try. Highly recommended!

For those who'd be visiting Top of Cebu, they have something new on their menu - it's the Street Sweets of Cebu priced P480. It's an assortment of our all-time favorite Filipino delicacies that you can eat for breakfast and/or snacks. 

I hope you enjoy your meal as much as we enjoyed ours. You can visit Top of Cebu's Facebook page for more details. Check some of our photos below.