Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pitstop: CHATime tea shop

The magazine is finally ready for distribution after 5 months of production! The graduates, at my right, are also ready to receive their diploma after 4 years of hard work and pressure! So, I guess those were enough reasons to celebrate, right? 

Now, after finishing our dinner/post production celebration, we decided to visit and hang out for awhile in Chatime located at the ground floor of ebloc 2 bldg. in I.T Park, Lahug. To make it more specific, it is between Army Navy and Charlie Chicken. And since our former editor in chief is now working there, then it became a double celebration slash reunion.

 Chatime, which is originally from Taiwan, opened its branch here in Cebu last 2012. Though newly-established, Chatime Cebu branch has already enticed a lot of Cebuanos to try their flavors. With their pink and purplish-themed space, I could say that Chatime must have lured their customers by  giving them the cozy atmosphere. 

I couldn't exactly count how many kinds of teas they're offering. I mean, there are just too many of them. There were (12) of us so we had to share eight different milk teas since we couldn't afford to spend more. Of the eight flavors, I personal love the lychee-flavored milk tea - the white one with some think jelly inside. 

          (Photo from: Chatime's Facebook page)

Now, with just P55 to P150, you can already enjoy a glass/bottle of milk tea.
Monday to Thursday: 11AM to 12MN | Friday and Saturday: 11AM to 1AM | Sunday: 11AM to 11PM

What's great about Chatime, and probably all the other similar shops, is that it could be an ideal place to stay if you need to be alone and if you need to finish or do something while enjoying a drink or two. As for ourselves, well, it became a reuniting place. 

I arrived home at 1am and that, if I can remember, is my first time to go home that early - and that's with sarcasm. TEEHEE!!!

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I love Cebu, too because I live here in Cebu. <3