Thursday, September 8, 2016

Romantic Date at Sugar X Spice Cafe in Talisay

I've been to somewhere nice recently, and I'm telling you all about it as I feel your need for a new place to just chill with friends or loved ones over a cup of coffee... or a spoonful of cake.

The thing is I've been to different cafes in Cebu and they're mostly just the same - crowded. Now, if you're in dire need of a place for your romantic intimate date, I have just the right option for you - Sugar X Spice Cafe.

Sugar X Spice Cafe is located in Zone 2 Sacred Heart Village, Brgy. San Isidro. Talisay Cebu. The cafe is a little hard to find but I guess that contributes to the cafe being an ideal date night hangout.

Check photos below to convince you to visit this artsy cafe and to taste their sweet offerings.

Sugar X Spice Cafe Cebu

Hope you enjoy your date nights here thought photos were taken in the afternoon. Teehee!

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